Our mission of “Bringing great cheese and happiness to the people” all started with a love of storytelling and the art of a curated experience. 


Curds & Co. was founded by Jenn Mason and her husband Matt in 2017 as both a cheese shop and a startup.


We have an inherent love for cheese, education, technology, and art. Curds & Co. brings all of these together and shares them with you, the community. Want to learn something new? See something new? Let us know. We are always looking to learn and grow in our pursuit of being one of your favorite places. 

Our goal is to have everyone leave the store with more cheese, knowledge, and happiness than they walked in with. If you leave the store without tasting cheese, we’re not satisfied.

Our employees are our greatest asset because they take such good care of our guests. Our first job is to make our staff happy so that they can spread the cheese love wholeheartedly to our customers and community. We reward our hard working employees with perks like a free wedge of cheese every day, trips to farms and food events, and paid time for students to study during exams. We think it’s perfectly acceptable for you to love our employees, too. Feel free to share the love on social media #CurdsandCoLOVE whenever you have had an exceptional experience.

Every element of the company is built around our values:

The Customer is the inspiration
Look to the customer to guide the inventory and interaction

To teach is to love
Storytelling is our greatest gift to our customers

Never be boring
Keep things fresh and be ready to pivot to mix it up

Cheese is cheese is cheese
Always be in the service of the farmer, the cheesemaker and the cheese enthusiast

Celebrate the Artist
In all forms the creative story must be shared

The experience is everything
And it starts from the very first moment. Make it exceptional

Be approachable
Be available and friendly




- Big Cheese -
Jenn adores cheese because cheese is decidedly not boring—and also because it’s so easy to love.


- Techmonger -
Matt's happiest solving complex problems with simple solutions and eating simple cheese pairings with complex flavor. 


- General Manager & Buyer -
Julianne believes a little wine, a little cheese and a chunk of bread are a well deserved meal for any cheese lover.  


Associates & Staff

Rich Morillo- Events & Education Director 

James Reinhold - Assistant Manager

Samantha Peters- Business Operations