Where for art thou, Alp Maran?

alpMaran with cows.jpg

Where in the world ... 

is Alp Maran?

In our last Adopt-an-Alp blog post, I promised to share where this lovely cheese heaven is located so we put together a short video for you.

I'm not sure there is a more beautiful place to eat grass and make milk but if I were a cow, this is where I'd like to be.

In our next blog, we'll not only tell you a little bit about the cheesemaker, but also about his obsession with holes. We'll also be telling you about a very, very special celebration we'll be having that you can join us for that will include a little Swiss fun, a wedge of our Maran Raclette, delicious pairings and fun tools you can use for eating it. There will be a limited number of tickets available for this event since our cheese supply is limited, so stay tuned!


the curds&co. crew