The One with All of the Holiday Cheeses

Our favorite time of the year is here! When there is a chill in the air, a blanket in your lap, a glass of wine in your hand and a plate of cheese on the table. For us, cheese is one of the only things that makes these long winters bearable. It is also the time of year when you are celebrating, party-going, eating, drinking and being merry! This year, we wanted to share with you our staff’s favorite holiday cheeses and inspire you to find your favorite as well. We asked the Curds&Co. staff to describe what cheese reminds them of the holidays and why they love it…. here is what they said….


“Ah the proverbial cheeseball, so classic, so 1970s. My childhood was filled with cheeseballs and now I like to bring back the cheeseball every holiday but in a much more grown up and sophisticated way. Introducing chevré ....the perfect cheese for making delightful little cheeseballs for your holiday entertaining. I’ve rolled them in freshly cut herbs, toasted chopped nuts, even crushed Butterfingers! Everyone will think you’re a genius, without a whole lot of work. Don’t sweat it this holiday, just roll with the cheeseballs. “ - Jenn Mason, Owner


“I first fell in love with Stilton when it was dark, cold and snowing. I had just cut a half a pound for a regular customer when a little crumble fell off onto the cutting board. I had never had Stilton before and since it was my first winter as a monger, I wasn’t even a blue cheese eater yet (shh). but I popped it into my mouth and was blown away. It was crumbly yet creamy, buttery yet tangy, salty but sweet and fudgy as hell. In my opinion, this time of year there is not much better than a slab of stilton, a glass of port and some caramels” - Julianne, General Manager + Buyer


“I first started my career as a cheesemonger just before the Holidays about ten years ago. This means some of my first experiences were learning how to take care of some of the super rare cheeses we only see around the holiday season. None of these left as great an impression as Vacherin Mont d’or, a seemingly legendary cheese that in the know customers were asking for before I had ever seen one, let alone realized how special they were. When they first arrived just before thanksgiving I was treated to as unique a food experience as I had. The cheeses were super runny, delicate yet meaty with a distinct sourdough funk to the rind and that unbelievable toasty-ness that comes from the band of Spruce holding the whole thing together. Just as soon as I got attached to the little things, they were gone, their brief season of availability over ‘til the next holiday season came around.” - Rich, Education and Events Director


“When I think cheese and the holidays it has to be the classic baked brie with fig jam. Growing up my folks held a lot of holiday parties, with tons of food. I remember sneaking down and meandering through the tables of exotic tastes not knowing what each bite will produce. Once I tried the brie, I was hooked. The warm earthy notes with the sweet fig jam was holiday party nirvana for a little one. “ - James, Assistant Manager and Monger