What's so cool about the Cheese School?

You may have noticed that the School @ curds&co. has really taken off in the last couple months and we wanted to take a minute to tell you a little bit more about what we're doing here at 288 Washington St.

First, our mission at the school:

Make it accessible - remove barriers to learning and don't be intimidating

Make it fun - and do it by adding value. Your time is important, we won't waste it.

Make it memorable - create a lasting impression that is difficult to duplicate

Light a fire! - earn loyalty and build a desire to learn more!

We definitely have audacious goals but we want to be more than just your neighborhood cheese store. We want to be a place that your kids come for grilled cheese, your spouse comes for a surprise treat for you, you bring your visiting family to as something fun to do, and you meet here with your book club

More than anything we want you to eat more cheese, laugh more laughs, and end your day feeling fulfilled--mind, body and spirit.

So how do we do all that? What are our classes and events like?

First, we speak to you in your language. We don't assume you know anything but we also don't talk down to you. Second, we work tirelessly to find pairings and interesting ways for you to experience cheese and delectables. We don't put anything on a pedestal. We want you to walk out feeling like a food genius without having to do anything other than be open minded and interested.

We don't judge, badger, or belittle--instead we share, encourage and reward.

Your experience with a class will be one that you appreciate from the moment you arrive, we likely will have a full place setting set for you and chilled water waiting. We provide you with our fun but informational "sketch" handouts and we fill you with goodies.

So how do you sign up for a class or event? Come visit us in store or go to our events and classes page on our website here. Bring a friend or make a new one. You know where to find us!