Cheaters can win...

...if you use great ingredients!

A delicious and quick entertaining appetizer.

A delicious and quick entertaining appetizer.

sweet and spicy Indian flavors with fresh chevré

This flavor combo can't be beat—it's a winning hors d'oeuvre at any bbq, including the one I was at on Memorial Day!  The fresh citrus flavor of Westfield Farms Capri log goat cheese is the perfect cooling agent for the sweet heat in Lyndigo Spice's Pineapple Chutney. (Lyndigo is made right here in Massachusetts!)

Place the goat cheese (I used a mix of fresh chevré and hickory smoked chevré from Westfield Farms in Massachusetts) on a platter topped with dollops of the chutney and a basket of crackers—it'll be nothing like mom's cream cheese and pepper jelly, we promise! Or for a more elegant display, fill mini pastry shells (don't worry, we've got them!) with the softened cheese and top with the chutney and freshly snipped chives.

-Sarah Jennings