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Settle in for an evening of fun and/or learning when you join us for a class at Curds & Co. 

Date night, girls night out, or just breaking out of a rut, are all good reasons to eat cheese.

Space is limited and classes fill quickly!


About The School at
Curds & Co.

We offer a full curriculum of fun, tasty, informative, and memorable events.
(prices are per/person for a standard 12 person classes)
Our events break down into the following categories:


Be the hero at your next event with your new knife and cheese skills as you learn how to make the perfect cheese plate.
Good for: Hosts with the most

The Classic Tasting Experience

Our mongers guide you through exciting pairings of cheese, food and beverages in a non-intimidating evening of food and drink. Classes can be focused on a wine type, region, flavor profile, or cheese type.
Good for: Girlfriends night out, Date Night

The flavor wheel

Learn about cheese as you explore the best food pairings with the Curds & Co flavor wheel (Sweet, Salty, Spicy, Nutty, Sour, and Umami) and learn to speak cheese monger.
Good for: Cheese lovers, Immersion Learners

Curds & Co Happy Hour

Join our mongers for a casual evening of cheese snacks & beverage tastings in your neighborhood cheese shop. Make the most of the shop as you enjoy expertly prepared bites and the opportunity to sample almost anything that catches your eye.
$35-$50 (Available through August)

Long Table Events

From exciting collaboration with other food forward companies, to our mysterious BLINDFOLDED!, you'll experience an evening to remember.
Good for: A night out with someone you love to impress, Foodies who need a fix
$75 - $100+