Blindfolded Cheese Dinner with Jasper Hill Farm
7:00 PM19:00

Blindfolded Cheese Dinner with Jasper Hill Farm

Looking for an evening to remember...that you never saw in the first place? Our one of a kind Long Table Blindfolded event is back! This event is a feast for your senses (well, all but one). You'll don a comfortable blindfold at the door and will be lead to a seat at our long table for cheese+pairings+wine multi course tasting. Give in to your senses and be prepared to enjoy a night filled with mystery & delight. Every blindfolded event has a menu never to be duplicated. (Note: We expect this event to sell out quickly)

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Adopt-An-Alp Adventure Party
7:00 PM19:00

Adopt-An-Alp Adventure Party

Join us for the culmination of our Adopt-an-Alp Adventure Cheese Party.

Each ticket purchase will receive:

entrance for you (and a guest if desired)
a Partyclette for melting your amazing Alp Maran Cheese
A pound of Alp Maran Raclette cheese
Tangy Cornichons
Delicious Mustard
Pairing Sheet

At the party you'll be able to pick up your party pack, celebrate in Swiss style, and taste some other great Alpine cheese and pairings.

For more information about our Adopt-an-Alp adventure, check out our blogs!

Adopt-an-Alp is here!
Wherefore Art Thou, Alp Maran?
Meet the Maker - Walter Niklaus

Note: To receive a party pack, you must purchase a ticket but you may also bring a plus one. The party is open house style and you are welcome to come any time between 7 and 8:30

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